Company Facts


Discussions on starting a local Åland-based airline company had been going on for some time. A regular air traffic service, both west- and eastwards, was considered vital for the competitiveness and development of Åland and its economy. Thus, the company Flyg & Far Åland Ab, later Air Åland Ab, was founded in January 2005. The overall goal was to maintain and secure air traffic based on local requirements and reasonable prices and to contribute to the development of local trade and core businesses.

Air traffic between Mariehamn and Helsinki started on October 29, 2005 and between Mariehamn and Stockholm/Arlanda on March 13, 2006. As of August 2, 2010 Air Åland is only a flight tour operator. Next Jet operates all Air Åland traffic.

The Board

Kjell Clemes, Chairman of the Board
Carin Holmqvist
, CEO Ålands Investerings Ab
Johnny Rosenholm
, Credit Manager Ålandsbanken
Henrik Lundberg
, CEO Posten på Åland
Jörgen Gustafsson
, Aviation Consultant