Our Aircraft

Next Jet handles all Air Åland traffic with two SAAB 340 aircraft, both carrying 33 passengers. If necessary Next Jet can also operate ATP with seating for 68 passengers. For more information see www.nextjet.se.  

The aircraft SAAB 340A was manufactured in Linköping, Sweden and when  manufacturing was finally phased out in September 1999, the factory had produced a total of 459 airplanes.

This type of aircraft  is considered one of the safest passenger airplanes in the world. It has been estimated that a quarter of a million passengers and 40 airline companies worldwide, have travelled by the SAAB 340A so far.

The SAAB 340A is a so called turbo-pro airplane, i.e. a jet engine drives the propellers and the construction profits from the reliability of the jet engines as well as the propellers. A propeller aircraft needs a shorter runway than a corresponding jet engine aircraft, which makes this aircraft type more suitable for destinations with shorter runways. This type of aircraft also applies better to the norms of strict noise limitations.

Facts about SAAB 340 A

Passenger capacity: 33
Crew: 3 (captain, pilot and cabin attendant)
Max take-off mass: 12925 kg
Length: 19,73 m
Height: 6,97 m
Wingspan: 21,44 m
Engines: 2 x 1870 hp, General Electric CT7-5A2
Fuel consumption: c. 430 kg/h or 0.038 litre jet fuel/seat kilometre
Normal cruising altitude: c. 5500 m
Cruise speed: 500 km/h